Digital Age Learning - Corporate Advisory Seminar - 13 January

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2017 EFMD Corporate advisory seminar digital age learning banner
This EFMD Corporate Advisory Seminar, hosted by Pirelli (Milan, Italy) on 12 (evening) and 13 January, will provide key outputs and lessons learned from the EFMD Special Interest Group (SIG) on Digital Age Learning.

The digital revolution profoundly impacts the future of work and it requires a fundamental rethink of the corporate learning function. EFMD has launched the “Digital Age Learning Special Interest Group" to look in depth at how learning must change and how the function has to shape up in this disruptive context. The group has been active since April 2016 and has accumulated knowledge, ideas and good practices. Members are going to share these with you through this one-day seminar. 

Sponsored by Capgemini Corporate University and supported by IESE  this group brings together 16 companies which have been working on some of the building blocks for Digital Age transformation such as re-imagining Learning Architecture, harnessing the power of Social Learning, transforming the User Experience and more. 

During this seminar, we will not only discuss the six characteristics of digital age learning, but also put them in the perspective of the companies own experiences. In addition, two outstanding speakers will give their insights: Julian Stodd will start with a context setting talk on the social age and its implication for learning. Then, the founders of the company ‘Filtered’ will demonstrate how their intelligent algorithmic approach to building learning means that the content actually adapts to the needs of the learner.

This seminar is by invitation only and is dedicated to corporate learning and corporate HR practitioners from companies. Thanks to the generosity of our host Pirelli, EFMD is able to offer this seminar free of charge to its companies members. 

For registration, click here.

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