NBEAC - 4th Deans and Directors Conference, Islamabad, Pakistan

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The National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC), was established by Higher Education Commission (HEC) in 2007 to assure quality in business education degree programs. NBEAC is a national level accrediting authority to organize and carry out comprehensive program of accreditation.

Our Mission Statement: “Enhancing the Quality of Business Education”


NBEAC’s Deans and Directors Conference annually brings together more than 100 deans and directors of business schools for strategic level discussions. This year’s theme is Business Education and its Context: Points of Convergence and Divergence. The conference will focus on the balance required between global paradigms versus the need to customize business education in Pakistan according to the local needs. Both businesses and business schools in Pakistan – small or large, urban or rural – face competition for products and services created by the spread of information technology and globalization. However, our context, culture and heritage demands a certain degree of indigenization in management practices and in business education. The conference program is designed to increase the effectiveness of business education in Pakistan, through debate on the mentioned issues and through related refinements in the accreditation process.


  • To evaluate the extent to which business education in Pakistan is preparing graduates to contribute to the local and global economic activities.
  • To identify unique themes and specializations for business education in Pakistan, keeping local needs and global trends in perspective.
  • To discuss the balance between indigenous vs. international curriculum content for effective business education in the country.
  • To share the experiences of education leaders from Pakistan and other countries, of creating a balance between indigenization and globalization of business education in their countries.
  • To identify ways in which accreditation can be used as a framework for addressing the challenges associated with convergence and divergence.
  • Outcomes
  • To identify the critical steps to align education with business needs
  • To identify and recommend actions to the emerging challenges in business education
Conference Chair & Co-Chair

  • Chairman: Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad
  • Chair: Dr. Sadia Nadeem, Associate Professor, FAST School of Management, FAST_NU, Islamabad
  • Co-Chair: Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Khan, NBEAC Member and Director Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar
For more information on the programme please go here or download the conference brochure here.