Get Access to Top Talent Pool Through the Global Internship Platform

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EFMD blog stickyEFMD Global Network and HigherEd join forces to launch the first global internship portal to connect companies and top business schools and students worldwide.
How can your company benefit from the access to the talent pool?

The portal will give the companies an access to an exclusive pool of three million outstanding international intern prospects from 600 top business schools in the EFMD Global Network, creating a unique opportunity to follow the students that are in their target groups throughout the lifecycle of their specific education and career paths.

The platform will connect companies, top business schools and students at an unprecedented level, adding great diversity and corporate innovation possibilities.

Tapping into a vast pool of selected quality graduate talent in one single place is at the heart of this initiative which will become the largest and most targeted recruitment tool available in the education industry.

This initiative will only be available to the corporate members of EFMD Global Network.

We are launching a pilot phase of this initiative over the next months and are gradually on-boarding schools and corporate members, so if you are interested in seizing this unique opportunity, please visit and contact Bernt Blankholm, CEO of HigherEd or Matthew Wood, COO at EFMD at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..