LingWeLink : The New Digital Language Practice Experience

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logo entierLingWeLink: The new digital language practice experience based on a groundbreaking exchange system and designed for educational institutions. More than a tool, LingWeLink is an influent and international network which responds to a structural need in the educational world. 

LingWeLink is a collaborative and inter-university language practice tool. It works as a web platform.

On LingWeLink users are colleges’ students. They receive a credit for each conversation of 30 minutes they give in their own native language to someone who wants to practice it. Then they can trade each of these credits for a conversation of 30 minutes in the language they want or they have to practice, with a native speaker. 

The conversations are directly done on the platform, by videoconference, as you would do by Skype. Conversation is audio when it starts. Users are free to launch their webcam or not. They also can write something in the chat box if a user did not understand a word well and needs it being written. Finally, because we want to make these «practice sessions» more than «conversations», students can use a configurable topic generator and a content-sharing tool to discuss a news-paper article, comment a picture, a video or train to pitch a slide show for example. Furthermore, we are currently developing oral-based exercises and games in order to offer a real tools-kit for students and avoiding any repetitive self-presentation speech or lack of inspiration sessions after sessions.

The members of this network are only prestigious schools and universities, which allocate a certain number of licences to a certain number of students. Schools and universities, as administrators, can monitor the activity of each of their students on the platform. They can see how many practice sessions a student has done, in which language and with which user. They have general statistics and they can edit individual reports. They can set directives for the students and be notified when some of them are not reached. They also can automatically generate marks related to this language practice activity. (Regularity, total number of sessions in the semester)
Therefore universities and schools can integrate this language practice tool as they already can integrate traditional e-learning solutions.

LingWeLink responds to a structural need for pure language practice in the high-education world.

Students spend years learning a language on a theoretical basis, from High-school to University, without
becoming fluent (the goal of language-learning however). On the other side some students begin « linguistically operational » and almost fluent after only 6 months, just talking with natives, on a daily basis and in an informal way. On LingWeLink we allow students developing the ease and the fluidity they need by practicing language on a daily basis as they would do in a cultural immersion context.
LingWeLink is a bridge between the essential but basic theoretical learning process and the cultural immersion experience which is often a one-time or occasional project.