Sharing Best Practice Workshop - Learning & Innovation: Catalysing Performance

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Organisational success requires both, operational excellence in what our organisations do today as well as innovation and change in building our future in a dynamic world. Digitalisation is reinforcing the quest for innovation, be it incremental or breakthrough, be it at the customer interface or within organisations and their ecosystem of partners and suppliers. We need shorter response times, more adaptability to change and sometimes more external orientation. The corporate learning function has a paramount role in driving an innovation mindset, in supporting experimentation and exploration, in leveraging inorganic growth as a source of innovation and change, and in connecting the dots across the enterprise for reaching a higher level of its performance.
This Sharing Best Practice workshop will focus on “Learning Innovation, Catalysing Performance” and will be hosted by Repsol in Madrid, Spain on 21 evening - 22 March 2018.

In this one-day workshop, Repsol will showcase how their learning function is supporting, in a systematic manner, the development of innovations that supports businesses consistently. We will visit the Repsol R&D center and see two concrete innovation cases. Other EFMD members will contribute additional cases, and we will discuss leading global practices to foster innovation. 
Participants will:
  • Understand L&D’s power in driving innovation
  • Explore best practice cases from Repsol and other companies
  • Reflect on their own opportunities for learning and innovation to increase sustainable performance
  • Be incited to experiment with new ideas when back in their organisations
For more information and expression of interest, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This workshop is by invitation only and is dedicated to corporate learning and corporate HR practitioners from companies. 

Free of charge for EFMD member companies and special guests (special guest = ONE free seat to attend ONE workshop for discovery for non-members.)