Leadership training and trainers: the challenge and the opportunity in the digital age

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Guest post by Maria Laura Fornaci, Senior Consultant Fondazione ISTUD

Leadership training and trainers: the challenge and the opportunity in the digital age Guest post by Maria Laura Fornaci, Senior Consultant Fondazione ISTUD The Digital Revolution is changing the way individuals seek out and benefit from training experiences. The “learners” are in the position to access what they need from the web and when it is useful to them, progressively becoming autonomous and self-determining concerning their learning. These learners are losing their interest in the traditional “on the shelf” training programs which are proposed by corporate L&Ds and are unable to respond to the new need for the "Just for Me" and the “Just in Time”.

The keywords of this revolution are, Open Educational Resources, Online Learning and Community of Practice. Never until now L&D Units had an interest in understanding how to turn these words into effective training projects, which can integrate the traditional class-based methods and respond in a targeted and personalised way to the needs of the learners, particularly in executive education.

Starting from this needs, Fondazione ISTUD together with a consortium of 8 European organisations, including EFMD, designed the project Le@d3.0 Academy, funded in 2015 by the European Commission's Erasmus Plus Program, Knowledge Alliance Action. The project aims to establish a stable collaboration between academy and industry for the development and delivery through the Le@d 3.0 Academy, of strategic e-leadership courses for managers and students. This has been and will be further achieved via the upskilling and development of academic and organisational trainers capacity through the Le@d 3.0 Trainer Toolkit and Community of Practice.

The purpose is to spread Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) and the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) in L&D and Executive education, by engaging and developing leadership trainers. Le@d3.0 Academy wants to become the virtual learning platform for trainers working in Universities, Business Schools, Corporate Academies and managers from enterprises and SMEs. It will help them to develop strategic e-leadership skills such as strategic vision, decision making people management in virtual environment , e-reputation management , etc., crucial for the Digital Age labour market.

The project is in the initial phase of collecting membership for its "Community of Practice", which has been developed, tested and made available online free of charge to all trainers and coaches interested in sharing peer experiences and tools so as to:
  • deepen the emerging competence profiles and the challenge for the e-leadership skills
  • acquire new skills and methodologies
  • online and blended
  • to create specific training paths, thus improving their professional practices - access and contribute to a Repository of over 300 Open Educational Resources on e.leadership theme, selected and curated by the project team - develop networking with training professionals all over Europe.
The involvement in the project of multiple adult educational actors from Academia and the industry, including EFMD, has contributed to engaging in the activities a wide range of beneficiaries and stakeholders and creating a dynamic-international learning platform and Community of Practice. EFMD is leading the activities related to the quality control of the project outputs including the training contents, learning environment and tools and their consistency with the end-users’ needs.

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