EPAS - EFMD Programme Accreditation System

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What is EPAS?

EPAS is an international programme accreditation system operated by EFMD. It aims to evaluate the quality of any business and/or management programme that has an international perspective and, where of an appropriately high quality, to accredit it.

The process involves a review in depth of individual programmes through international comparison and benchmarking. The process considers a wide range of programme aspects including:
  • The market positioning of the programme nationally and internationally
  • The strategic position of the programme within its institution
  • The design process including assessment of stakeholder requirements – particularly students and employers
  • The programme objectives and intended learning outcomes
  • The curriculum content and delivery system
  • The extent to which the programme has an international focus and a balance between academic and managerial dimensions
  • The depth and rigour of the assessment processes (relative to the degree level of the programme)
  • The quality of the student body and of the programme’s graduates
  • The institution’s resources allocated to support the programme
  • The appropriateness of the faculty that deliver the programme
  • The quality of the alumni and their career progression
The evaluation report also includes the provision of strategic advice on how the programme may be improved so as to compete more effectively in international markets. Where appropriate, focus may be put on the programme’s compatibility and / or conformance with the Bologna structure.

Programme Scope

A maximum of 2 programme suites may be assessed in any one review cycle. Programme suites in any of the following categories may be offered for evaluation:
  • Bachelors degrees or Licence (3 or 4 years)
  • Masters degrees (1 or 2 years, often based on the Bologna model)
    - Generalist (eg MSc in Management)
    - Specialist (eg MSc in Marketing or in Finance)
  • Masters degrees pre-Bologna (5 or more years)
  • Master of Business Administration – MBA (post-experience)
  • Doctorates (eg PhD or DBA)

EPAS is a service for EFMD members and is based on the same process as EQUIS and covers the full range of academic programmes from the Bachelor to the Doctoral level. EFMD members may apply for stand-alone programmes, programme suites or joint programmes. The EPAS Standards and Criteria cover all facets of programme provision: (1) the institutional, national and international environment, (2) programme design, (3) programme delivery, (4) programme outcomes, and (5) quality assurance. They particularly emphasize achievements in the areas of academic rigour, practical relevance and internationalization.

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