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  • 2016 EMFD Upcoming Events


GMAC & EFMD Admissions Institute for New Professionals Europe

Date: 8 Feb 16 13:30 - 11 Feb 16 13:30
Host: EFMD
Location: EFMD

EiP 2015 Webinar St John New Zealand & Melbourne Business School - Mt Eliza Executive Education

Date: 19 Feb 16 09:30 - 19 Feb 16 11:00
Host: EFMD
Location: web-based event

2016 EFMD Entrepreneurship Education Conference

Date: 24 Feb 16 19:30 - 26 Feb 16 13:30
Host: Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, ULB - Université Libre de Bruxelles
Location: Brussels


EFMD GlobalFocus magazine Home Vol10 Issue01

EFMD Global Focus magazine-Growing the impact of management education and scholarship

Growing the Impact of Management Education and Scholarship

Management is not only taught in business schools. For more than 100 years it has also been taught by a special type of university that is ‘more than a business school’. An international group of university leaders trace the emergence, role and future contributions of ‘universities for business and management’.

EFMD Global Focus magazine The six principles

Crossing the New Frontiers

EFMD GN Deans Across Frontiers (EDAF) was launched in 2011 to assist promising business schools in emerging economies to develop further through a mentoring programme. Jaona Ranaivoson and Jean-François Fiorina describe the experience of one such school in Madagascar.

EFMD Global Focus magazine The six principles

An Engaging Place to Work

This special Global Focus supplement spotlights the growing importance of employee engagement.