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  • See Futur 2014

    Traditional business education models are being disrupted by technology, the introduction of MOOCs, market competition, university fees and increasingly demanding employer and employee needs, finds a wide-ranging new report called See the Future.


EiP 2014 Webinar - Saltire Foundation & Babson Executive Education

Date: 1 Dec 14 14:30 - 1 Dec 14 16:00
Host: EFMD
Location: web-based event

2014 EFMD Conference on Master Programmes

Date: 3 Dec 14 15:00 - 5 Dec 14 14:00
Host: Grenoble Ecole de Management
Location: Grenoble, France

EiP 2014 Webinar - Fletcher Building & University of Auckland Business School

Date: 4 Dec 14 09:30 - 4 Dec 14 11:00
Host: EFMD
Location: web-based event


Global Focus magazine current cover


The Challenges Facing Business School Accreditation

Business schools have been among the most successful higher education institutions of the last 50 years. Yet now they face many serious challenges that, as Michael Osbaldeston explains, have deep implications for accreditation bodies


Enhancing Talent Development and Talent Acquisition

Amber Wigmore Alvarez and Boris Nowalski describe current changes to the way companies and business schools manage talent


How Being Embedded in Your Region Helps Growth

Thomas Bieger explains how the University of St Gallen used the new Business School Impact Survey to consolidate and build on its local roots


The Jazz Age

Social intrapreneurs are rarely individual heroes but more like jazz musicians jamming in a group. But sometimes, say David Grayson, Melody McLaren and Heiko Spitzeck, they need even bigger groups – a fully orchestrated ‘big band’