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The 2018 Tomorrow’s MBA report, published by CarringtonCrisp with support from EFMD, suggests technology may become the new entrepreneurship

Sharing Best Practice Workshop

Date: 4 Oct 18 19:30 - 5 Oct 18 17:00
Host: ArcelorMittal
Location: Luxembourg

2018 EFMD Job Fair for PhDs in Business Management

Date: 5 Oct 18 18:00 - 7 Oct 18 20:00
Host: Solvay Brussels School
Location: Brussels, Belgium

2018 EFMD-HUMANE Asia-Pacific School

Date: 7 Oct 18 15:00 - 12 Oct 18 15:00
Host: University of Hong Kong
Location: Hong Kong, China


EFMD GlobalFocus magazine

Business education: International Learning '4.0'

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Internationalisation is a high-priority issue for business schools but Anna Blombäck, Yvonne Carlisle, Andrew Gaudes and Ulrich Hommel ask if they are reacting in the right way.

Building a human rights framework for business education

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Businesses face an increasing range of human rights issues that can directly impact their core business strategies. But, argue Dorothée Baumann-Pauly and Michael Posner, business education needs to catch up with this emerging field.

The battle for doctoral talent

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Mark Smith describes the opening salvoes of a new competitive skirmish — recruiting, managing and developing the best doctoral students in business and management